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Bellwether's Purchasing Software is

100% web-based and is the proven purchasing software for small to midsize businesses.

Increased Efficiency Saves Money

Increased Efficiency Saves Money

Bellwether Purchasing Software makes the purchasing process more efficient & helps companies reduce supply costs, cut administrative costs, shorten the length of the purchase cycle.

Gain Control of Spending

Company defined approval levels help eliminate maverick purchasing. With Bellwether software, managers achieve greater transparency into corporate spending at all levels of the organization and every stage.
Customize Workflow

Customize Workflow

Customizable workflows provide controls for establishing budget tolerances & thresholds, and an automated, web-based PO process free up precious time better spent on vendor research & negotiations.

Access anywhere, anyplace

100% web-based software offers flexibility and customization for your specific needs. Bellwether Purchasing Software is available to an unlimited number of users. Company information is kept safe and secure.

Solving Procurement Problems for Over 30 Years

  • Watching vendors used to be impossible. Now, it is easy. ePMX: manages all the data flow, which frees up managers time to look for competitive vendors.

    Michael Allen,
    Allen Management Hampton, VA

  • Now employees cannot simply buy what they want. We have tools. We have better contract compliance, and we know what we spend.

    Louis Nicolosi,
    St. Anns Community Rochester, NY

  • Anyone looking to save time, paper, and labor should invest in ePMX:. Tower has been a customer since the late 1980s.

    Kathi Weldon,
    Tower Federal Credit Union Laurel, MD

  • We immediately realized at least a 25% reduction in processing time when we implemented ePMX:.

    Betty Trainor,
    Budget Motels, Inc.


services we provide
  • Requisitioning


  • Approval Processes

    Approval Processes

  • P.O. Generation

    P.O. Generation

  • Receiving


  • Inventory


  • Invoice Matching

    Invoice Matching

  • Reporting


Free Purchasing Software Checklist Guide

Free Purchasing Software Checklist Guide

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