3 Purchasing Manager Myths – Busted!

Bernd Geropp is a coach and consultant who works with CEO’s and entrepreneurs in a B2B industrial environment. You can read more about him on his site:

In the video below he identifies what he sees are 3 commons myths held by industry suppliers and vendors about their work with purchasing managers. They are:

1. Price […]

How to Decide on Purchasing Software for Your Business

When it comes to selecting a software program to help improve purchasing in your company there are several things to consider in your decision-making process. Purchasing software is one of the best investments you make in managing your business, cash flow, and purchasing activities. However, how much benefit you will receive and the ease […]

Advantages of Cloud Based Purchase Order Software

Most of the small and medium enterprises are now turning their attention to cloud based purchase order software programs. This is one of the ways to maintain a growing business, especially now that modern technology has become an essential part of nearly every business worldwide. You don’t want to be left behind and converting […]

Pro and Cons of Using E-procurement Software

E-procurement has become very effective following the advent of modern technology. It connects businesses directly to suppliers making procurement one of the easiest things to do. There is the e-procurement software which was designed to satisfy that and it is a good choice to go for. This article will take a look at the […]

Know your Customer in 2015

Customers in 2015 have different lifestyles, needs, desires, and interactions with your business than those of years past. This infographics summarizes soe of the key differences. This inforation is intereting while also helpful in understanding your custoers. No aspect of business stands alone. Customer dynamics is tied to purchasing, even if indirectly. Some of […]

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    Integrating Online Cloud Purchase Order Systems into Your Business

Integrating Online Cloud Purchase Order Systems into Your Business

It will always be difficult to manage purchase requests made by employees in the event that a company is using a paper based system or even an outdated computer system. That goes a long way in underlining how important it is to utilize modern purchase order systems. If your company has not been using […]

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    Considerations when Choosing Procurement Management Software

Considerations when Choosing Procurement Management Software

Procurement management software will help a business take care of any risks associated with purchase as well as supplies. The procurement chain is usually subjected to many dangers that can result in heavy losses but you will be well protected with a software program. Since there are many programs in the market today, you […]

Sole Source Procurement in State Government

The National Association of State Procurement Officials, or NASPO, uses an infographic to showcase sole source procurement practices among the states. Sole source procurements are exemptions and waivers of competition where competition is not available or a reasonable alternative source does not exist. They also have a page on their site with helpful charts that […]

Best Practices for Purchase Order Control

There are many practices that guide and control how purchasing is done in a business setup. Purchase orders are commonly used to make acquisition thus purchase order control is a mandatory undertaking for your company. Some companies are never transparent and accountable in the way they make orders for their purchases which is why […]

Beginners Guide for Contract Management Software

You should never downplay the important role played by contracts in a business. Your company will be engaging with suppliers on a regular basis and signing a contract is the only way for safeguarding interests of both parties from being violated. Modern technology has seen the advent of contract management software which makes the […]