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4 Reasons to Use Cloud Purchase Order Software

Although the cloud solutions carry some risks, some of which are non-negotiable such as security and privacy, they do not deter businesses from employing them. The benefits often outweigh the challenges.


Here are four reasons you should invest in cloud purchase order software:


You have better control of costs.

Most of the cloud solutions for purchase order […]

Is It Safe to Use Cloud Based Purchase Order Software?

You’ve heard it on the news: millions of passwords were stolen from cloud services such as Dropbox. Even very large IT websites such as LinkedIn and Gmail have not been spared. Perhaps you’ve experienced it yourself. For some reason you can no longer log in to your own account, yet friends have reported that […]

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    4 Tips to Enhance Online Security of Purchase Order Software

4 Tips to Enhance Online Security of Purchase Order Software

Software breach is any person’s nightmare. In a 2013 study conducted by Kaspkersky its security products had dealt with over 5 million attacks on both mobile devices and computers and detected a staggering 3 billion attacks by malware on PCs.

Insecurities can come in different forms: malware, virus, and hacking, to name a few. […]

Past vs Future of Purchasing Processes

This is an old article from 2006 discussing business software. The funny thing is that even today, nearly a decade later, many small business are still utilizing an old paper-based purchasing system. Others think that their situation is so unique they need to spend thousands of dollars creating a customized software for their business […]

Best Practices for Cloud Purchasing Contracts

This fun infographic by Government Technology takes the not-so-exciting purchasing policy and formats it to look like a board game. This will help you take a quick look at important contract recommendations when looking into purchasing software. The full report is also available here. is the online portal to Government Technology, a division of e.Republic, Inc. Government Technology and […]

Maximize Benefits with Purchase Requisition Software

Choosing to use purchase requisition software is both beneficial to the employer and employees. Employees will enjoy better purchasing while the employer will be in a position to realize increased savings. Actually, a company should encourage its employees to use such a software program for all transactions to maximize the benefits. It makes it […]

Completing a Purchase Order Requisition Form

Purchasing is a mandatory undertaking in any company setting. This is not restricted to manufacturing or for-profit businesses; Even non-profit businesses must at one point or another make a purchase. Since purchasing is a given in any business, a purchase order is typically the component necessary to make the purchase. You must be well […]

3 Purchasing Manager Myths – Busted!

Bernd Geropp is a coach and consultant who works with CEO’s and entrepreneurs in a B2B industrial environment. You can read more about him on his site:

In the video below he identifies what he sees are 3 commons myths held by industry suppliers and vendors about their work with purchasing managers. They are:

1. Price […]

How to Decide on Purchasing Software for Your Business

When it comes to selecting a software program to help improve purchasing in your company there are several things to consider in your decision-making process. Purchasing software is one of the best investments you make in managing your business, cash flow, and purchasing activities. However, how much benefit you will receive and the ease […]