Our Top 4 Most Viewed Purchasing Blog Posts

These 4 blog posts have been the most viewed over the past year. Take a look and hopefully they can help bring some new thoughts or forgotten topics back to mind.
#1: The Benefits of Local Sourcing & Procurement
Take another look at local suppliers, think creatively, and see if local procurement can now work better for […]

Is China Sourcing a Viable Alternative?

Outsourcing and sourcing from overseas has gotten a bad reputation. People take great pride in being an American, buying American, and searching for “made in America” tags. Many small to medium business owners take steps to source locally when possible in order to help build the community where they are situated. However, there are […]

3 Procurement Strategies in Under 5 Minutes for Financial Services

ProcureCon TV screens exclusive interviews with Europe’s leading procurement professionals. They go behind the scenes at major industry events to bring the very latest news, views and insight from the procurement sector. 
Here is a 2013 interview with Graham Copeland (Xchanging) discussing the challenges faced by procurement professionals in the financial services industry. There is […]

Elevating Procurement Job Status to Strategic Partner

We’ve spent some time discussing the role of procurement manager. It is no longer just about ordering staples and copy paper, but is more and more becoming an intergral part of the startegy for the entire business. If you missed it here are a few posts about strategic procurement:
From Clerical Function to Strategic Thinker
Strategic […]

Transparent Procurement… the Cons

A transparent procurement system is all about the process by which the departmental agencies purchase services and goods openly for others to see. However, the process of a transparent procurement system will be subject to specific policies and rules policies covering how the relevant decisions are made. Though there are many advantages as we discussed […]

Transparent Procurement…the Pros

Transparent is something you may use to describe an object or material that can be seen through. In business, transparency is something that has a generally positive connotation if you are the one providing it and negative if you refuse to do so implying that you have something to hide. Here’s what Wikipedia says […]

The Ball is in Your Court

Last week we discussed a handful of business clichés purchasing managers, or anyone, should not use. This week we wanted to look at a few more, but from a different perspective. Some people use traditional clichés as a crutch or an excuse. Let’s look at a few more and consider a time when you […]

Does Your Small Business Utilize Mobile?

This infographic is a bit dated, but the information and purpose is still every bit as important for today as it was a few years ago. But the purprose for sharing it today is to look and see how the predictions for 2012 are lining up with mobile usage in the small business for […]

What Cliches Should Purchasing Managers Never Use

You will come across lots of business cliches in the business world. Many times they are used as an excuse for something you should be doing. It’s time to get rid of the crutches. Here’s a list of some of the most common clichés which purchasing managers should never use:

There is no I in […]

Overcoming Boredom in Your Procurement Job

Last week we discussed how easily we can find ourselves bored and dissatisfied in our procurement jobs. This week we will look at how we can find new life and enjoyment in our jobs.
How Will You Keep From Getting Bored? Virtually every job, with time, can be expected to lose part of its enjoyment. Think about your […]