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Credit Unions in the Cloud Solutions

Credit Unions in the Cloud Solutions

In today’s modern society, all industries want to be more efficient. The problems occur when the different processes that the customer and their employees take lead to inefficiencies and extra costs. Having better processes in place to reduce cost is one of the best solutions. That’s why credit unions utilizing cloud solutions like procure to pay systems are finding tremendous advantages and getting ahead.

With customers to handle, the back office and purchasing system can get overlooked causing delays, wasted time, and wasted money. At some point, credit unions need to acquire a deeper understanding of what procure to pay in the cloud will do for their business. Procure to pay system are often treated as the problem solver for credit unions. It allows transactions from multiple sources, makes routine transactions automatically and even updates certain process.

Saving time is one of the biggest reasons why e-procurement for credit unions is in demand today. Implementing an e-procurement system will help save time and money.  With proper systems in place behind the scenes, it all culminates with a quick and professional interaction in the lobby or drive thru with its members and customers. The advantage of this is that not all credit unions have automation yet so those that do will create a more pleasant experience and attract more members.

Purchase to pay helps increase transparency on the purchasing processes. Ultimately, this will help each credit union gain tighter control of their spend. In so doing, this will help credit unions secure savings, reduce time consuming processes, and provide the full over view of the financial and cash flow obligations as well.

Automated processing also eliminates overspending. This simplified process gives managers access using the internet or even in mobile devices to take a look at your financial conditions. All of the hassle involved in purchase orders can be reduced to a single press of a button. Wether you are using an iPhone, iPad, Android device or other smartphone, you have access any time any where. Having the complete picture at your fingertips makes overspending a thing of the past. Everyone from managers, to employees and most importantly the customers, will benefit from this type of system.

Using a procure-to-pay system in the cloud is one of the most advanced experiences that simplifies work and time for credit unions today.

So, why not request a free trial to see how your business can experience its benefits? 

March 29, 2012
BY Bellwether
P2P in the Cloud: Insurance Companies Gain Time and Money

Insurance companies often find themselves trapped with an outdated paper-based purchasing system. Productivity can be severely hampered by this and the tendency is to lessen the amount of control to accomplish more, but the expenses of the insurance company can Eliminate paper piles with P2PPaper systems eliminated with P2Pquickly get out of hand. A procure to pay system can streamline the purchasing process step by step and help the insurance company’s expenses become more visible and trackable. This is why procure to pay is trending in the insurance companies.

Tired of seeing piles of paper and nonsense transaction accounts? The e-procurement system is the one thing that can put an end to this horrible scene. E-procurement systems are confirmed to lessen work, time and also allow companies to say goodbye to tons of paperwork.

 One of the biggest efficiency problems faced by insurance companies is the long process of a paper-based procurement system. It is time consuming and becomes a bigger and bigger problem as the company grows larger in size. A paper-based system has many flaws and those flaws are magnified the larger the company gets. Accountants and managers may quickly realize that without e-procurement software, it’s just like wasting time and money of the insurance companies.

A cloud-based e-procurement system provides easy access through the internet or virtually any mobile device and monitors the transactions in a different way. With just a push of a button, you can approve, modify or deny requests. Increased control and tracking will also solve some expense problems that the insurance companies are having.

Procure to pay in the cloud allows insurance companies to completely control purchasing process and even improve the overall outlook of the company’s expenses. Accounts payable and supply management are incorporated into the procure to pay system. This is valuable to both small and large insurance companies.

Increasing transparency, streamlining purchases, and gaining control of spend with the use of e-procurement system is the right solution. In just a short time, the expense problems faced by insurance companies can be controlled allowing the managers and owners to focus on the essentials of their core business.

Changing insurance companies from a paper-based procurement system into procuret to pay system in the cloud is one of the most important and beneficial decisions for an insurance company. Wasting time and money will soon be a thing of the past.


March 27, 2012
BY Bellwether
Software Allows Law Firms To Work In The Cloud Without Losing Time & Money

Law firms face tremendous pressure to improve their profitability, with regard to billable hours, fees, and earnings. Purchase to pay software helps offices improve cost transparency between employees and clients, check budgets easier, manage disbursements, speed up invoicing, automate collaboration with vendors and reduce IT expenditures.

What Is Purchase To Pay?

In business, purchase to pay refers to activities like requesting, purchasing, receiving and paying for goods and services. Usually this system involves planning, budgeting and invoicing processes along the way. Automation is a growing trend in purchase to pay processes because it allows law offices to reduce processing times, improve efficiency and save money. Purchase to pay technology harmonizes the relationships between buyers and payers, reducing the operational hurdles many law offices face.    

What Is Procurement To Pay?

The Procurement to pay system links the purchasing department with the finance department. Planning, forecasting and supply chain management are not as important with procurement to pay, but law offices still maintain control and visibility of the entire purchase process (from ordering to invoice payment). Using procurement to pay software reduces the burdens of paperwork, cuts back on inefficiencies and improves interdepartmental communication.

CloudComputingWhat Does “In The Cloud” Mean?

“In The Cloud” computing refers to the use of multiple servers that connect using the World Wide Web. Lawyers can connect with assistants, paralegals, clients and other third parties to work on a case this way. They may access in the cloud data from their iPads, laptops, PCs, or mobile devices, which makes on-the-go work possible.

If you’re a law firm looking for software that will give you better control, transparency and organization within your business, then look no further. Bellwether is an easy, powerful and affordable purchasing system that promises to make work much more efficient.

March 22, 2012
BY Bellwether
P2P and the Cloud – Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is going to be experiencing a lot of demands from the aging Baby Boomers. There are plenty of work opportunities for those who are interested to become nurses, doctors, etc. With the demand for better and highly effective services, healthcare facilities are also trying hard to organize their administrative functions.

stethescope calculatorThe healthcare industry has used manual processes for years, which means dealing with tons of paperwork. This often leads to missed opportunities because of the inefficiency in the system. This is not good for the facilities because it results in limited visibility, high costs of processing, and adversarial relationships with third parties or even clients.

Utilizing procurement to pay solutions, the organization or company can easily manage procurement and accounts payable. This is also called P2P processes and it usually involves electronic invoicing that is linked with supplier applications and accounting systems.

Procurement to pay can be used for different areas such as PO Management, Electronic Invoicing, Supplier Enablement, Automated Workflow, Electronic Receipts, Discount Capture, Price Compliance, analytics, and reporting. You can find third party companies that offer these services, and by doing your homework, you can find the best deal.

The healthcare industry is also trying hard to cut down the costs. In order to operate or spend efficiently, you will benefit greatly from P2P. Purchase to pay is very important in competing within the industry. Despite the widespread consolidation and revenue drops, there is still a chance for the healthcare facility to become profitable. You have to simplify the business to cut down the costs.  Some of the things that you should look into are online vendor catalog, automated material management, electronic approval workflows, database for centralized spending, and non-PO management.

Aside from P2P, you also have to look at the ‘cloud’. Recent technological advancements have many experts talking about the ‘cloud’. In fact, open a magazine or turn on the television and you are likely to find an advertisement for cloud computing. For the healthcare industry, this is another important aspect to consider. Cloud computing can help healthcare facilities in handling their expenditures properly.

There are many benefits that you can get from using purchasing software in the cloud. It can be complex for some healthcare facilities but the right service provider will keep it simplify and easy to use. Through economies of scale, you can save costs by using the cloud. This is about sharing resources with others within the industry. The investment cost will be greatly reduced and you can also accelerate the operations.

For the expenses needed during the operations of facilities, you can make use of operational expenditures instead of getting the funds from the capital. The growth of healthcare data is unusual. It is hard to interpret but you can avoid this by simply making use of the cloud. With proper application of the cloud, you can also open opportunities for the facility that were once unattainable because of the high costs. Before you decide to opt for the cloud computing, you need to conduct some research.

The P2P and the cloud are very important things that you should know if you want to succeed in the healthcare industry. 

March 20, 2012
BY Bellwether
The Importance of Spend Analysis

Spend AnalysisFor those who respect the importance of spend analysis, the Bellwether purchasing software presents multi-purpose resources to record, track and place orders.  Bellwether software has been presenting businesses with viable purchasing for 26 years and is the favorite for active companies of all sizes who use e-procurement and rely upon accurate spend analysis.

Bellwether’s ePMX: cloud solution is suited to companies that project expansion and product development and who want to have quantitative reports of past, present and future spending.  If the user has a business that requires multi-language solutions or very specific needs, Bellwether web-based software helps to uncomplicate the spending with various providers.

Bellwether is committed to continuing new software development.  If your business is growing faster than expected or if your growth is a steady, consistent trend, Bellwether will meet your new demands.

To implement the spend system, the user only needs a computer and a web-browser.  When the software is activated you will know that the business has a spend structure that is ready for everything.  The ePMX: system ensures that numerous users can access the spend software through its On-demand Purchasing Software. 

Bellwether is renowned for its AAA security support.  Your data is saved for authorized users only.  Best of all, the system is easy to understand and easy to navigate.  In 10 minutes your staff can be trained to start implementing.  The comprehensive help program is one click away. The software also offers live support by trained and experienced staff numbers.

The purpose of this software has always been to treat clients as partners.  Indeed, in working with these partners, the programmers have used their experiences to advance the product.  If your spend plan is cause for concern or if the software you are currently using is coming up short, try Bellwether.  Your business is too important to settle for less than the best spend program.  The user will immediately realize that a new structural security will keep the purchasing program in line. 

Excess purchases, double purchases or product shortages are all identified easily.  Your inventory is updated in a transparent and fluid dada base.  Multi-user activity is tracked and absorbed by the database instantly.

Bellwether purchasing software is helpful for negotiating best price offers.  A file exists for each provider.  Evaluations of provider performance can be entered for future reference.  This software will begin to pay for pay for itself as soon as it is activated. Check this software out and your purchasing nightmares are over.

March 19, 2012
BY Bellwether
Credit Unions Benefit From Cloud Procurement

Industries all over the globe are turning to cloud computing as a way of becoming more efficient. Credit unions can benefit from cloud procurement. Bellwether Software hasCloudProcurement resized 600 implemented purchasing software for the cloud, allowing companies to automate processes better than ever. Credit unions are able to significantly reduce costs as well as streamline several different processes for their employees and their customers.

The first thing to note with software being in the cloud is the reduction in costs. Many times, credit unions have entire departments dedicated to procurement as well as IT. When all of it is handled by e-procurement software, it doesn’t require as much labor, server space and many other things. When servers aren’t needed, it frees up floor space and could even reduce the amount of real estate needed. It also means that IT techs aren’t required to run the servers if they aren’t in the building.

The next thing to consider is the amount of options that customers can get from credit unions. There are many credit unions that haven’t automated everything as much as national bank chains. If e-procurement software is put into place, customers can have the ability to purchase to pay different bills and vendors, making their lives easier.

Credit unions’ employees can also simplify purchases and automate everything. Rather than having everything going to a billing department, overspending and making unauthorized purchases, procurement to pay allows everything to go through the cloud to streamline the process. The system will allow you to set up regular payments and let the software pay your bills.

Savings can be very dramatic by implementing automated processes that are web-based. Just as a credit card can show you spending patterns made from a single account, this software can show those same purchasing trends as well as adhere to a budget. The idea of overspending can now be in the past tense.

All of this automation can be accessed simply by going to a web browser. As long as you have an internet connection – be it on your computer or mobile device, you can take a look at your financial situation. You can approve requisitions, purchase orders and make modifications to your budget with the click of a button. Think about the amount of paperwork this will reduce. No more piles and no more mindless signing only to be passed on to someone else’s desk.

Moving a credit union’s software and systems to a cloud can be the best thing that could ever be done. It reduces labor and automates many systems to simplify the business. Going out of town is no longer about being disconnected from the business, too, because as long as you can access the internet, you can access your procurement department.

March 15, 2012
BY Bellwether
Finally, A Proven Solution for Insurance Procurement

Many companies will swear by procure to pay systems, simply because of the benefits. With insurance companies, there is a high amount of risk involved in every step of the insurance process. Low profit margins means that there is an increasing pressure to cut costs and control the flow of money that occurs when procuring supplies for the insurance company. Often, insurance companies without a procure to pay system complain that money is simply going down the drain and they are constantly fighting to stop the loss flow. It’s no wonder why procure to pay systems are so popular within the insurance industry.

Procure to pay systems give a company absolute control over every step of the purchasing process, and also can help create a better overall view of the company’s spending habits. Everything from supply management to accounts payable procedures are integrated into procure to pay systems. Procure to pay can be centralized, or spread out over several different systems, making it one of the more flexible accounts payable options out on the market. This is very important to both small single office insurance companies and large multinational companies.

The issues with paper-based procure to pay systems arrive when a company grows too large in size for the system to handle efficiently. Little can be done to shorten the time that this process takes. Since authorizations have to happen at every step of a procure to pay system, procurement managers and accountants can both be left feeling hassled at the end of the day. Keeping tabs on prices of supplies and services also can be a time-consuming process that often is a waste of company dollars.

Eventually, every small company needs a new procure to pay system. Installing a new procure to pay system also needs a deep understanding of how the current system works. Working with too many vendors also can cause book keeping to become difficult. Spending problems, mistakes, and minor errors are often left undetected, or simply overlooked. With paperwork, things get even more complicated. Storage is often costly, taxing, and difficult to manage. Considering how much information is stored in an insurance company, it makes sense to avoid “info clutter” at all costs.

Because of the mountains of paperwork associated with accounts payable transactions, many insurance companies are switching to e-procurement systems. These systems conduct business to business transactions using the internet as a way to get in touch. E-procurement systems often come with automated book keeping, access to auctions, and also allow business owners to see transactions in different ways. Sometimes, use of an e-procurement software system can highlight a major spending problem that a company has, and this is especially true for the insurance industry, which is known for having spending problems.

Procure to pay, both in software form and in “real life” form, has its pitfalls. However, procure to pay also has the most perks out of any other accounts payable purchasing procedure. The new wave of e-procurement systems have been proven to cut time, spending, and paperwork. As this new trend in procure to pay systems continues, customers can expect nearly complete automation of accounts payable transactions and realtime purchasing power. Difficult-to-track purchases will become more and more visible as the years increase.

Currently, e-procurement systems are worth purchasing for a variety of reasons. They automatically update prices, automate many of the transactions, and also can allow approval of transactions from a variety of different sources – even on mobile phones! Many insurance companies have already saved a ton of money, time, and effort by switching to procure to pay software systems instead of doing it all via paperwork. The value of purchasing e-procurement systems will continue to increase in the future, and insurance companies are likely going to want to increase their profit margin by getting e-procurement systems as soon as possible. Considering how much value e-procurement already gives a company, it’s best for almost every company to jump on this new trend as soon as possible, and watch its value increase along with the company’s profits.






March 13, 2012
BY Bellwether

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