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PART 2: Cloud-Based Purchase Order Software VS Traditional Software

Purchase order software is a vital component in operating a sophisticated and efficient company. Up and coming businesses need to streamline their efforts and make them more effective to serving their customers while at the same time remaining cost effective. There are software packages that are designed for the specific purpose of purchase orders; however, purchasing software can be a bit difficult if you are not sure what to look for in a package. There are many purchase order software products to choose from, but the most sophisticated option would be a cloud-based purchase order software product. The cloud system is a superior system over the traditional software systems because it eliminates unnecessary components, simplifies procedures and is cost effective.

A cloud based software program allows you to only purchase what is workable for your company, and also allows you to tailor your system to specifically fit the needs of your company. The cloud system allows managers to put parameters on areas as well as put limitation on individual users. Usage restrictions can be altered or changed by the designated administrator. The cloud-based system will also eliminate the need for extra IT personnel, which will result in time savings as well as cost savings.

Cloud systems are dedicated to simplifying the purchase order process and limiting spending. By using a cloud based system you are able to customize your needs to develop a highly proficient system that will prove to be effective. Because the cloud software system is so easy to use, managers will be able to use the system anywhere. Approval for requisitions and purchase order can be approved from anywhere there is a web browser. By having this functionality, companies are more likely to be more productive, and more accurate.

The cloud-based system is affordable because it can be customized to your particular needs, you will not have to worry about getting elements of the system that are not what the company needs. Storing all purchase orders and costs in a cloud based system is a secure way to keep data, as well as share data when needed. Traditional software programs are not as effective as the cloud-based system, nor are they as user friendly. There are no limitations to cloud-based software purchasing systems. This advanced way of maintaining data, purchase orders, costs, and budgets are only a few of the advantages the system provides.

April 26, 2012
BY Bellwether
PART 1: Purchase Order Software VS Paper-Based Management

Any company that orders supplies needs to have a good purchase order system that is organized, reliable and effective. Maintaining orders results in accuracy, and accuracy leads to more productive businesses. The traditional way of managing supply orders involves paper, however, relying on paper often results in mistakes and inaccuracies. The best way to to manage any volume of orders is by implementing a software program that is specifically designed to support purchase orders and invoices.

By using software to maintain your purchase orders you virtually eliminate tracking mistake that often come without an accurate database. Many companies are using cloud-purchasing software as an effective and thorough way of monitoring orders and following up on the status of them as well.

Purchasing software not only streamlines the ordering process, but also allows managers to customize the software so it will best suit their company and operations. When software is used to manage purchase orders time is freed up so managers are allowed to work on other more pressing business related functions needed.

Purchasing software also stops unauthorized purchasing and spending and helps cut over all costs. Managers are able to monitor and view spending at every level of the purchasing process. Controls are installed electronically to manage the spending and make sure that the best costs are being used. In addition, time is saved and orders can be expedited because reviews of orders, approvals and modifications can be done anywhere as long as there is a web browser. In addition, you can also have purchasing software that can be operated by using cell phones as well also adding to the expediting process.

Purchasing software is an investment your company will only benefit from using. The easy to learn software will benefit every aspect of the company. The software can be customized and tailored to your business needs and requirements making it the best management system for your company.

Whether you decide to use an in-house software product or are going with a cloud-based purchasing software, by relinquishing your purchase order duties to a program that is designed to effectively manage the purchase order process from start to finish, you are solidifying a more competent process, freeing up staff to redirect to other processes, and saving money.
No company should be managing purchase orders manually or relying on staff to maintain the process – purchase orders can be effectively managed by using a purchase order software.

April 24, 2012
BY Bellwether
Improve Process Efficiencies with Cloud-based Purchasing Software

As a business owner you are inevitably aware of how beneficial it can be to implement a variety of process efficiency tools into your overall daily operations. With the use of Efficient purchasing softwarecloud-based purchasing software your company will acquire the necessary tools to ensure that daily processes are performed quickly and efficiently. There are three main components to ensuring that your company cuts back on operating time and saves resources and they are: being aware of your budget and how to use it efficiently, learning how using cloud-based purchasing software cuts back on operating time, and learning how to utilize reporting techniques.

One of the largest components of owning and/or operating a business is to know what your annual budget is and what you can do to ensure that you fall within your budget on a yearly basis. In order to ensure that you are accumulating higher profits rather than spending an excess amount of money on other materials, utilizing cloud-based purchasing software can prove to be exponentially beneficial. As an efficient method of tracking spending, ensuring that you catalog all of your PO volume will help you to determine which top vendors should be referred to when looking to acquire goods. With the ability to catalog, you will be increasing your overall organization and reducing confusion throughout the office.

Learning how to use cloud-based purchasing software will inevitably help you to reduce your operating time. Within the business world it is commonly known that “time is money” and so ensuring that you take less time to perform daily tasks will assist you in acquiring higher profits. With the use of cloud-based purchasing software you will be able to cut out the time that is used by utilizing paper methods by revolutionizing your methods to technologically based methods. Having the ability to catalog all efforts and purchases within the office will help to cut back on communication time and allow employees to focus more on other daily duties.

With the use of cloud-based purchasing software, companies will have the ability to track their annual spending through a variety of reporting components. Once you have begun using the software itself, you will be able to analyze the amount of money that you spend on a variety of different components of your business. With the use of this data you will inevitably be provided with the opportunity to negotiate further deals with current and future vendors.

April 17, 2012
BY Bellwether
Procure to Pay as a Public Service

Procure to pay options are not new, but yet many business today are still using a paper-based purchasing system. Its services are a convenient and economical option for businesses of all sizes, whether small and growing or big and established companies. E-procurement systems can save your business thousands of dollars which could be redirected into other areas of your enterprise to maximize growth.

Many businesses find that the investment in e-procurement software literally pays for itself in a matter months due to the saving incurred by the option. It is one of the easiest and most innovative methods of procurement for financial organizations today. Despite some businesses that tend to favor more conventional ways of procurement and are slow to change, this has quickly become a popular method of procurement across many industries including those that merge public service and business such as credit unions.  

Purchasing software bridges the communication gap between suppliers and consumers for a wide variety of products. Product catalogs for every imaginable office item from different suppliers are available 24/7 and are displayed in real time.

Credit Unions Benefit from Procure to Pay as a Public ServiceCredit unions benefit a great deal from purchasing in the cloud. Credit unions are established to promote thrift and provide exclusive financial benefits among its members. A credit union is assembled with a non-profit agenda. Their primary purpose is public service. Now that may sound contradicting to most notions of financial institutions today which are built primarily for profit. That is what makes credit unions special; utilizing the same means of increasing capital value for a different end, one that rebates their profit back to its owners, which are its members.

With the ability to multiply its base monetary resources, it also has the responsibility to allocate it wisely and strategically in order to minimize operational costs. Minimizing its operational costs is a public service in itself as it allows more resource allocation for other needs of the credit union including, but not limited to, securing its funds and providing various loans to its members.

The conventional way of procurement is long and tedious, not to mention costly. Organizations waste a significant amount of money to this process. Since it’s an integral process to the operation of the organization as a whole, procurement software can work to gain better control of that spend. In short, purchase to pay services is in itself a public service by helping a non-profit credit union better serve its members.

April 12, 2012
BY Bellwether
Cloud Purchasing Helps Change the Legal Industry

The legal system has been around in some form since mankind had disputes. In many offices, their processes and systems remain very antiquated. Billing processes, exchange of services, and time consumed on managing finances often fail to be updated with the changes other industries have experienced in recent years. As a result, out-dated purchasing and spend analysis can contribute to failed financial situations. This being said, the legal industry is one of the most talked about and used industries in the world. In an increasingly litigious society, legal practitioners that do well are busy every single day; no time must be wasted.

Here is where procure to pay software enters the picture. Using an e-procurement system, especially cloud-based processing, can make significant impacts on a busy law firm. With its effortless purchasing procedures, settling accounts with no extra charges and eliminating excessive purchasing, the parts of the office that are not directly related to law can be better managed saving both time and money.

Procure to pay systems will really suit this industry. By providing better purchase management, employees are free to devote more time to existing clients and have more time to acquire additional clients. Clients expect good service and cloud-based purchasing software can contribute toward that goal. Reducing paperwork, expenses and time through the procurement system is something every industry can use, but will quickly become an essential part of the formula for every successful law firm. All purchases can be quickly and easily traced allowing for the reduction of unnecessary expenditures and eliminating piles of papers.

Billable hours – isn’t this what every firm wants to increase? The flip side of that equation is reducing expenses. Utilizing e-procurement software will allow you to increase your workload without increasing staff for additional paperwork, purchasing, and tracking. The same staff you already have will be able to accomplish more in less time. When your software is cloud-based, there is no need for on-site IT personnel because the vendor you use will handle on system upgrades so you simply log into the system and have everything at your fingertips.

As you can see, a procurement system can help solve many problems you knew you had and even some you didn’t realize you had or maybe didn’t take time to stop and admit that you had. A cloud-based system will provide your key people access anywhere they have Internet; and with hot spots in every airport, large cities and even most McDonald’s, this becomes a system that is very portable. Many companies in the legal industry have already discovered how they can save money and increase purchasing capacity with existing staff when they change their old paper-based system to an e-procurement system.

We invite you to be part of the change taking place in the legal industry!

April 10, 2012
BY Bellwether
Cloud Purchasing Cuts Insurance Operational Costs

Procure-to-pay services have been around for about two decades now. Its concept lies in the very fact that some services can be outsourced. Not necessarily to other people but to companies that offer software as a service. Some offer one time payments for unlimited use while others require payment on a monthly or annual basis depending on the package you purchase. This method is also loosely described as purchasing in the cloud.

Any business can turn the otherwise costly and time consuming method of providing equipment, machinery and office supplies necessary for operation to an easy and hassle free one. The long established procurement model includes activities like product and supplier Insurance companies need procurement software research, price bargaining and the ordering itself. Procurement is an ongoing and never-ending process. Even after reception of purchased goods, the process of procurement also requires searching for new ways and innovative options where the company can save and cut costs, money which can be strategically allocated in other aspects of the business.

We’ve all had decades of wearisome procurement with endless forms, PO’s, approvals, and denials before purchase-to-pay software was conceived. Looking at a more concrete example, insurance companies, with their tons of paperwork and other various office supplies, can easily take advantage of the full range of benefits from purchase-to-pay software. Every form, every brochure they need for marketing, every pen they provide for filling out paperwork, logbooks necessary for keeping records, and all other items they need to operate their office are all available at the touch of button with the use of purchase-to-pay software.

Purchase-to-pay software offers easy communication with suppliers but that’s not the end of it. Automation of orders makes ordering items and supplies a breeze. Hundreds of readily available and active contacts are listed and provided for without difficulty. Supplier stock count is provided in real time. But that isn’t all because purchasing isn’t the only feature of purchase-to-pay software. Transaction monitoring helps reduce costs by avoiding unnecessary purchases and allowing easy communication with suppliers. Figures for all orders and transactions are presented easily with built-in reporting features. You don’t even need someone who specializes in IT to use because the you can get this Software as a Service in the cloud with a user-friendly interface and operation process.

Other benefits to the insurance business include reducing personnel and equipment costs to a minimum. Additional IT personnel are not a necessity by purchasing in the cloud. The vendor you select will be responsible for the maintenance and updates of your software so you can focus on your business. Resources for database equipment and space can be allotted to other aspects of the business that needs more financial backing. This is very beneficial for anyone in the insurance industry that want to optimize their resources well.

The legacy of purchase-to-pay software is automating the procurement process and minimizing workforce for the same output and an even more efficient one at that. Consider purchasing procure-to-pay software in the cloud.

April 5, 2012
BY Bellwether
The Legal Industry Purchasing in the Cloud

Purchasing in the cloud came into being until after a few decades after the invention of the internet in the 50’s. This industry has been around for about 30 years but has recently gained popularity in the early 2000’s converting the traditional and tedious task of procurement for numerous businesses to one that is more convenient. Although nearly every industry can benefit, we want to take a closer look at the legal industry and how it can benefit from procure-to-pay services.

The legal industry can be very tedious with the amount of paperwork involved in all aspects. The business of law encompasses the entire list of activities of life; Trade, commerce, finance and transportation are to name a few. The whole sphere of social interaction is included. Its services generate mounds of paper and utilize several pieces of equipment, machinery, and stock of other office supplies. Maintaining control of the supply-chain while caring for clients is not an easy chore.

The time honored method of researching and acquiring items necessary to continue running a business has proven itself to be tiresome, but someone has to do it. The company’s operations depend on a task as vital as this. That’s why law firms have allotted procurement departments to attend to this task. In doing so, many departments adopt the conventional approach in going about their task. They research (lawyers are good at research right!), order and purchase using many forms. This method requires a lot of time to execute and process. Confusion and inconsistencies are common problems encountered using the conventional method.

This complicated method can easily be overcome by opting to use a purchase-to-pay service, an option that is often overlooked or relegated to the “back burner” by many business owners. Imagine this; traditional procurement methodologies include creating a procurement department that does multiple tasks to attend to their job. This entails hiring a lot of personnel for different activities such as communication, administration, maintenance and reception of goods. Whereas procure-to-pay software  only employs the users of the service. Communication mediums and reception of goods are necessary but maintenance of complex software and machinery can be eliminated.

Taking this a step further, although purchasing software is a huge advantage over a conventional paper method, cloud-based software is light years ahead of this. Instead of investing in purchasing software that must be installed on your business network, maintained, updated, and interfaced with IT personnel, cloud-based Software is maintained on the vendor’s server making updates seamless. Purchasing in the cloud automates all the processes involved in procurement. From ordering to transaction handling and creation of charts and graphs for presentation, you name it. Purchase-to-pay services allow its users to go through all the processes of procurement on virtually any device with access to the Internet. The best part is that you don’t need IT specialized personnel to operate it. It can be easily understood by anyone and purchase-to-pay service software is very user-friendly. The idea of purchasing in the cloud sells itself by eliminating transaction costs by minimizing human error. These factors make it an essential part of elevating your success in the legal industry.

April 3, 2012
BY Bellwether

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