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BPM Software – For businesses that want simple easy to use purchasing software they can start using today!
Includes easy set up of – Requisitions, PO’s, Receiving, Invoice, and even Inventory.
Including advanced workflow and budgeting!

Mobile Friendly

  • PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones
  • Auto detect the screen size of the device it is being used on & reformats itself


  • Eliminate paper requisitions, emails and spreadsheets
  • Simply “Shopping Cart” style interface to select items
  • See percentage of budget spent by GL Account, Project, Job, or any custom budget
  • Ability to add custom fields for each order line


  • Conditional approval routing based on order dollar amount, type of items on the order, department, or any custom condition
  • Approve whole order or line item approvals/rejections
  • Attach message to requisitioner when rejecting
  • Like all of BPM, perform approval from desktop, tablet or smartphone


  • Convert requisition to PO with two mouse clicks
  • Add to or edit requisition when converting to PO
  • Consolidate requisitions to a single PO or break apart single requisition to multiple POs
  • Create PO from scratch


  • Fast and simple two way matching of shipment quantities and details
  • Track partial shipments and rejections
  • Attach packing slips via scanned in image or smartphone photo

Invoice Matching

  • Three way matching of vendor invoices with PO and receipt info
  • Transfer approved invoice data to your accounts payable application
  • Two way sync with QuickBooks

Self-Service Order Status

  • Requisitioner sees status of all their orders
  • Eliminates phone calls and emails from requisitioner to purchasing agents asking for order status
  • Simple “Stoplight” color coding alerts user to order status

Inventory Management

  • Track and manage stock items at one or more locations
  • Set reorder points and be notified of low stock
  • Issue items with scanner and physical stock checks

half-banner-satisfaction-guaranteeBellwether offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. After buying our software and participating in our in-house or on-site training program, you have 90 days to put our software to the test. If you’re not satisfied after 90 days, we will reimburse you for the full amount you paid for our software. We put our money where our mouth is! Click here for more details.

I have implemented various software over my career (30 years) this was the smoothest transaction.

"The training session was phenomenal, all participants came out with a clear understanding of how the system worked. I have implemented various software over my career (30 years) this was the smoothest transaction. The night before implementation I was worried that I made a wrong choice...I kept that to myself. As of yesterday I am very excited how this is working. We have already implemented it full time (our other process crashed yesterday...good indication to move forward!)"

Derryl Dey, Laboratory Manager, Precision Biosciences

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