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Decentralize out of control purchasing to now controlled centralized purchasing

"Bellwether has eliminated the paper in purchasing and allowed us go from decentralized out of control purchasing to centralized purchasing and invoice processing. This has reduced cost and provided us a clear picture of accruals."

Ben Belflower, Reporting & Analysis Manager, Aramark


The Household CPO – Chief Purchasing Officer

We discuss many different aspects of purchasing and procurement in this blog and thought it would be fun to take a slightly different approach today. The following infographic fromDigital Surgeons looks at the spending by women on fashion and media. It positions women in general as the household CPO, or Chief Purchasing Officer and examines how women spend their time and money. For all you women who hold the professional title of CPO, do you see yourself in this?


December 18, 2014
BY Bellwether
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